COSMIC 5th network-wide event

Our COSMIC 5th network-wide event was held this time in Turin and was organized by our Italian partners at the University of Turin. The event started off with the WP meeting (on Monday 25th Mar 2019), where each ESR presented the progress of her/his work. This long meeting was concluded with an informal session of parallel WP group meetings. Following that, the ESRs had their Researchers Council meeting where they discussed the items they would like to convey by their representatives to the Supervisory Board the following morning. After this long packed day, the COSMIC team had definitely earned a delicious Italian dinner, preceded by a table football tournament in the bar, and capped by a huge celebration cake for Ana Luisa’s birthday!

On Tuesday 26th March, the Technical Steering Committee & the Supervisory Board had their meetings where they monitored the progress of the project, by presentations, discussions and decisions! Afterwards, the ESRs had their meeting with Jeroen (S/T coordinator) in order to discuss the suggestions, strategies & decisions of the SB. From then on, it’s training time! Starting with the course on Business Development and entrepreneurship, soft-skills and S/T training continued on Wednesday 27th as well as on Thursday 28th March during the visit to BRACCO.

For more details, please see the attached agenda.

Below are some pics of that week, so take a look and enjoy it with us!