Modular Plants


Batch plants have been the main horsepower of the fine chemical industry, where flexibility is highly appreciated. Continuous manufacturing offers better performance but it is not as flexible when compared to batch manufacturing. Modular plants represent a solution between batch and continuous processes. Modular plants are capable of working continuously and flexible enough to meet the market demand. For instance, ...

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Arduino Device for Temperature Recording: A Cheap and Smart Solution for Our Lab Research! (Part 2)


After building up our device (please see 1st part), we can start writing the code (called “sketch”) for the platform. Firstly, we should download and install the software for Arduino (you can easily find it on-line at After installing the software, we can take some confidence with Arduino, for example turning on and of the LED of the Arduino ...

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Arduino Device for Temperature Recording: A Cheap and Smart Solution for Our Lab Research! (Part 1)


In our daily research, we often have to fight with some practical limits. Of course, I’m not referring to the impossible overpassing of the thermodynamic principles. I’m thinking about elementary hands-on problems. For example, I’ve been working on zeolites since last years. The synthesis of zeolite involves a series of steps were the regulation of the temperature is of great ...

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Sound Creating Light: Sonoluminescence


Collapsing of the rapid and nearly adiabatic small bubble driven by a standing ultrasound heats inside the bubble up and produces enormous energy. This energy is able to initiate the chemical reactions (sonochemistry) and to emit light (sonoluminescence). Spectroscopic measurements reveal that collapsing of a bubble leads to high temperatures (>5000 K) and high pressures (>1000 bar) [1]. Sonoluminescence was ...

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Patent: “It Is Not The Right To Do, It Is The Right To Forbid”


In a previous blog, Ana Luisa Maria wrote about the synergy between industry and academia. She mentioned that the dissemination of results in industry is usually done through patents. Indeed, she is right to say that patents prevail over scientific publications, like papers, in the industry. However, the goal of a patent is not the dissemination of results. A patent ...

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“Golden age” of Nanomedicine


Nanomedicine represents the field of research that deals with the integration of nanotechnology in medical application. Main topics in nanomedicine are the use of nanomaterials for advanced drug delivery systems, new therapies and imaging. Among the nanoparticles of interest for nanomedical applications, gold nanoparticles are definitely one of the most investigated. The reason behind such great interest is linked to ...

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Laser-Induced Cavitation Bubbles


Back in 1960’s it had been found that by focusing a pulsed beam of a ruby laser into a liquid such as water, bubbles can be nucleated.  These bubbles are created by forcing the dielectric breakdown of the fluid into plasma. The bubbles behaved like cavitation bubbles – they grew and then collapsed generating a shock wave. Sonoluminescence was also ...

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Academics and Industry: The Perfect Synergy


Academia and industry share a symbiotic relationship In an industrial PhD the student is employed in a private sector company and enrolled at a university. This type of PhD allows the student to carry out a research project where the results are applied in an enterprise setting. In reality is more than that. When I got the interview for this ...

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Multidisciplinary: Tool to Tackle Problems in Science


(source: If you notice in the trend of superhero movies released, as compared to old movies, all superheroes are fighting together with enemies. Its means enemies are getting more stronger day by day. In the same way, science also needs to be stronger to fight enemies, but in science, enemies look different than in movies. In science, enemies are ...

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The Open Doors of Europe


On the 5th of May the European Institutions in Brussels opened their doors to many visitors willing to know more about the vision, the projects and the programmes of the European Union for the present and the next future. A big crowd of enthusiastic European and non-European citizens stepped into the rooms where the European leaders meet and discuss about ...

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