COSMIC successful Midterm Review & 4th network-wide event in Cordoba & Zaragoza

Last week, COSMIC had successfully fulfilled its Midterm Review meeting as well as its 4th Network-wide at the University of Cordoba and the University of Zaragoza, Spain. The purpose of the Midterm Review meeting is to have the project assessed by the REA (Research Executive Agency at EC) representative, having it been running for 24 months now. The 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), representatives of the Beneficiary Organisations, as well as the Partner Organisations, have participated in this meeting with the Project Officer, Dr. Maria Vili (REA representative). The General Coordinator, Prof. Tom Van Gerven presented a detailed report on the different aspects of the project. The 15 ESRs presented their work on the scientific, as well as the training level. The meeting was concluded with a very positive feedback from the Project Officer, requesting that this level of performance be maintained till the end of the project…and beyond! Congratulations COSMIC team!!


The series of meetings in Cordoba were followed by a series of trainings in Zaragoza (Thursday 13th & Friday 14th September) where the ESRs learned, trained, experimented and gained knowledge through those trainings (see Programme).


On the team building level, the enriching city tours and Spanish style meals added even more fun to the pleasant team vibes. Well deserved!