The COSMIC 7th network-wide event in Lacq & Pau from 18-21 February, 2020

Lat week the whole COSMIC team was updated on the ESRs’ progress on the S/T as well as the training levels during their meetings in Lacq & Pau. This was followed by a very interesting visit to the ARKEMA pilot plant with a very detailed informative tour led by Heidy Ramirez (ESR7). Taking the bus back to Pau, our COSMIC colleagues there organised a nice walk from the hotel to the Pau castle..with a tour guide telling us of the town’s rich history where the day was capped by a warm group dinner. Programme of Days 2 – AM: All members participated in the Technical Steering Committee and Supervisory board meetings where the technical WP leaders highlighted the S/T results and the coordinators presented an overview of the nontechnical components of the project, as well as gave an interactive evaluation. 

Day 2 – PM: the ESRs followed a training on “critical literature review”…with the purpose to be sent off towards the end of their contract with a critical attitude. 

Days 3 & 4 trainings were on:

  1. “Planification of pilot trials: workshop based on study cases”;
  2. “Planification of pilot trials: workshop on troubleshooting, HAZOP, start-up and shut-down”;
  3. “Intellectual property fro the industrial point of view: patent writing, geographical coverage, freedom to operate”.

Agenda of NWE7