Cosmicologists – part 3

And finally, the rest of us, dealing with the design and development of ultrasound and microwave flow reactors as well as the development of methodologies to evaluate the technical and sustainability performance of these developed technologies.

DwayneDwayne Stephens: On completion of my masters in computational fluid dynamics I had to face a fact: I had barely scratched the surface of the subject. As expected, this didn’t make me too happy. Now, two years later, here I am – starting a PhD where I aim to model ultrasound propagation and cavitation in confined flow geometries. Needless to say, I am a bit happier! Not just because I am doing what I want but also because I am part of a global and ambitious project: COSMIC.


ESR11Fabio Cameli: As a member of the COSMIC project (or Cosmicologist ESR 11) I`m really glad to carry out a Ph.D. research about Process Intensification and more precisely about microwave-assisted organic synthesis in small scale flow reactors. Furthermore, I`m very motivated in working in a European project within the MSCA network because of the chance we have to work as a whole team even if spread throughout Europe. My career is somehow bound to European projects, in fact I worked on my master thesis in Stockholm within the Erasmus+ project, then I collaborated with NGOs working with EuropeAid in Central America and luckily my growth as a European researcher is still going on.


ESR13María Jesús Morán Plata: My short academic career has always been guided by the effort, perseverance and a will to never give up until reaching my goals. I am very thankful to the Cosmic PhD project, that looked into my capabilities and accepted me as the Cosmicologist ESR 13 in Turin (Italy), to further polish my abiities.
I graduated in chemistry from the University of Extremadura (Spain) in 2015. Afterwards I earnt an inter-universitary Master in Green and Sustainable Chemistry (2016). I worked during this summer in the synthesis of diketopyrrolopyrroles compounds at the University of the West of Scotland.
My focus for the following years will be non-conventional methodologies in organic synthesis. Microwave and ultrasound are going to be my new friends in this fascinating experience.


ESR15Fabio Grimaldi: Hi all, I’m Fabio, ESR 15 and I’m a Chemical Engineer.
I’ve always been looking forward to new challenging experiences. This means travelling, playing music, sports, learning new languages and – the engineer in me is now speaking – trying to understand and interpret the world that surrounds us! This is why during my studies I’ve spent part of my time abroad in Spain, at the Escuela de Ingenieria y Arquitectura in Zaragoza and in UK at the University College of London where I took exams and wrote down my Master Thesis on “Energy from Waste”.
Now, back in London once again, I feel excited to be part of the ambitious COSMIC project, dealing with the evaluation and assessment of new technologies. Guys, let’s get started!


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