Cosmicologists – Part 4

Today we’d like to introduce two new members of our increasingly international team – Claire Delacour and Gerardo de Leon! We’ll let them share a few words on their background and thoughts about the project they are now part of.

claire delacour photoClaire Delacour: I am a young engineer in Fine Chemistry and Bioprocesses. During my third year in engineering school, I had the opportunity to work with ultrasound. I also carried my Master thesis in a technology development laboratory. The aim of my internship was to optimize working conditions of chemical reactions for a continuous application. The final goal was to use the millifluidic technology. These two projects allowed me to see how powerful the sonochemistry and millifluidics technologies are, and how it can change the way chemists conducts their chemistry. I am now part of the European COSMIC project, as PhD student ESR12. This aim of my project will be to combine those two technologies to prevent clogging inside millichannels. This is a great opportunity for me to work and to carry my PhD as part of a European Project.


20180319_071154Gerardo de Leon:  Hello everyone! What can I say about myself? Well, my name is Gerardo I from Guatemala, I have studied chemical engineering in Guatemala and a master in Chemical Engineering in Italy. I have also had some previous working experiences in a fertilizer company and in a pharma company in the past. I joined the program recently and I will be working at Microinnova. I find cost estimations an interesting topic, at the end of the day, costs are one of the tools/mechanisms for decision making. I had the opportunity to meet the whole team in one of the previous trainings and all I can say is that everyone is very enthusiastic and that it is nice to be part of a bigger project.