Latest trends in RF and microwave heating

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The AMPERE Newsletter is online and covers various aspects related to RF and microwave heating technologies. The Newsletter publishes short topical articles, as well as R&D profiles, conference reports, events and news items. The Newsletter covers topics broadly from 1 MHz to 30 GHz, and even higher frequencies. It also highlights on promising new research developments to emanate from academe and industry.The newsletter contains articles on:

– Emerging microwave-plasma technologies for chemical processes
– Computer-aided analysis and optimization of microwave heating systems
– Green-Tech microwave studies at Tohoku University
– Rendering of waste by application of microwave energy
– Microwave flash sintering
– Microwave drying of seeds of agricultural interest for Ecuador
– Emerging applications for microwave technology in chemistry, polymers and waste
– Beamed wireless power-transfer using a dynamic metasurface aperture
– AMPERE-2017 and other upcoming events

Have a look at the paper of Prof. Georgios Stefanidis and the upcoming events such as the COSMIC summer school in Ultrasound and Microwaves for Chemical Processing. As an open-access publication, all articles as well as the entire Newsletter issues are fully available online.

To read the newsletter, click on the following link: newsletter AMPERE