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Check out the new COSMIC publication in the journal Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

Highly reproducible, high-yield flow synthesis of gold nanoparticles based on a rational reactor design exploiting the reduction of passivated Au(III) The artwork of this publication also made the back cover of the journal. Abstract Reproducibility in the synthesis of nanomaterials is a crucial aspect for their real-life applications. It is particularly pertinent in the context of gold nanoparticles, where a ...

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COSMIC achievements highlighted as artwork on the cover of CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS

Continuous Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Silver Nanoclusters Confined in Mesoporous SBA-15: Application in Alkyne Cyclizations featured on the cover of CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS About the cover: Metal nanoclusters are becoming exciting candidates as highly efficient catalysts for fine chemical production in view of their extraordinary surface to volume ratio and the high concentration of uncoordinated atoms that contributes to enhanced catalytic ...

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The COSMIC 7th network-wide event in Lacq & Pau from 18-21 February, 2020 Lat week the whole COSMIC team was updated on the ESRs’ progress on the S/T as well as the training levels during their meetings in Lacq & Pau. This was followed by a very interesting visit to the ARKEMA pilot plant with a very detailed informative tour ...

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