New methodology for synthesis of photocatalytically active copper sulfide carbon composites


Alessio Zuliani develope a new green methodology for the synthesis of photocatalytically active copper sulfide (Cu2S) carbon composites. He reported this methodology in the research paper titled “Microwave-assisted valorization of pig bristles: towards visible light photocatalytic Chalcocite composites” Waste valorization for the production of valuable materials is of great importance for a sustainable development. Herein, a new green methodology for the ...

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Multidisciplinary: Tool to Tackle Problems in Science


(source: If you notice in the trend of superhero movies released, as compared to old movies, all superheroes are fighting together with enemies. Its means enemies are getting more stronger day by day. In the same way, science also needs to be stronger to fight enemies, but in science, enemies look different than in movies. In science, enemies are ...

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The Open Doors of Europe


On the 5th of May the European Institutions in Brussels opened their doors to many visitors willing to know more about the vision, the projects and the programmes of the European Union for the present and the next future. A big crowd of enthusiastic European and non-European citizens stepped into the rooms where the European leaders meet and discuss about ...

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Tracking the employment satisfaction of a Doctorate holder


How satisfying is the career of a doctorate holder? The following survey, by European Science Foundation (ESF) in 2016, supported by nine participating organisations, offers a wealth of data on the employment situation, and transition to the labour market, of the doctorate holders under study. The employment levels are found to be high and the vast majority deploy their skills ...

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Working All Together

maria blog2

How to live without a microwave? How to make popcorn? How to reheat food? It wasn’t that long ago that no one had microwaves, but nowadays this machine has become a daily tool used in every home. Sure, ultrasound is not the most scientific of determinations, but for women living in a world before it there was no way to ...

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Ana Luisa Maria wins best poster award


Last week, Ana Luisa Maria presented her research on ‘Ultrasound assisted oxidative cleavage for fatty nitriles’ on the 16th meeting of the European Society of Sonochemistry (ESS16) in Besançon in France.  The scientific committee of this conference awarded her with a price for the best poster presentation for young researchers.

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Cosmicologists – Part 4


Today we’d like to introduce two new members of our increasingly international team – Claire Delacour and Gerardo de Leon! We’ll let them share a few words on their background and thoughts about the project they are now part of. Claire Delacour: I am a young engineer in Fine Chemistry and Bioprocesses. During my third year in engineering school, I had the ...

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“No scientist is an island”


– Roberta Manno, University of Zaragoza As my co-worker Mohammed explained in the last blog, the first birthday of the COSMIC team was celebrated during the meeting in March. Results, challenges, observations and problems were expounded to all the members. As PhD students, we are usually focused only on experiments, publications, patents and so on; but to be a good scientist that ...

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COSMIC completes 1 light year at the Network Wide Event 3 held in Gottingen, Germany


– Mohammed Noorul Hussain, COSMICologist Using light year as a metaphor I want to express a verbal celebration for all that was achieved by the third NWE of the COSMIC project, which also completes one year since its kick-off meeting. Scientific productivity in the past one year, appropriately catalyzed by discussions and collaboration, has been quite high. Movement of ESRs ...

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Microinnova – Continuous Manufacturing / Process Intensification


– Gerardo de Leon, Microinnova I recently joined Microinnova, one of the leading companies in continuous chemical processing and process intensification with 15 years of experience in this field. Microinnova offers process development and plant engineering by applying flow technology.  The company provides services regarding the conversion of processes from batch to continuous manufacturing, does feasibility studies on continuous lab plants, ...

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